We tailor to your needs!

Let us know what outcome and learnings you want to create for your team or group and we will provide you individual offers with potential outdoor adventures and experiences. Get in touch with us!

Fun is the lubricant to learn

To sustain engagement having fun and experiencing joy are the most effective ways. Experiencing nature, hands-on activity, feeling the body, connecting to team members and sharing emotions are catalysts to ease the learning and to take on challenges.

Unique adventures

We make sure that we create an experience in a unique setting and/or activity that is unforgettable for the participants. This creates memorable moments and learnings that stick.

Deepening the learning

We provide guided group sessions before and after the experience itself, or when most effective. This will ensure that every participant can leverage the learning:

  • Engaging, hands-on, empowering activities
  • Improved self-perception, self-esteem and effectiveness
  • Deeper connection with self and team

Why it works!

Because our body holds our wisdom. When we experience new things in a new context, we create new body wisdom that we need to become aware of. We see the world from a new perspective. This can trigger breakthroughs. It will create positive behavioural change that lasts.


“What if today was the last day of your life?”


“Facing your fears, staying present?”

Vision Quest

„I am that I am” – Bible

“A Vision is all about crystal clear clarity of your being!”

Hiking – Pilgrimage

“The journey is the objective, walk the talk.”

Sunrise power hour

“Prime yourself to ultimate resourcefulness”

Leadership Retreat

“What is your mission? What is your impact you want to create?”

1-year leadership bootcamp program