Goodbye EGO! Hallo to what is (full stop – no judgement!)

Is it bad out there? For sure, it is!

Is it good out there? For sure, it is!

So, what is it? Good or bad? It always is what we focus on.

The Taoist say: Who knows if it is good or bad?

The EGO always judges. Our Egos always want to have a say. When we judge, we know our Egos have taken over.

What happened if we don’t judge? If we said Good-bye to our egos, at least for a moment.

Curiosity is a good mean to overcome judgement, to step out of the Ego.  See what happens, what we might learn when we accept, when we surrender to what is, when we get curious!

Today’s challenge: Accept, surrender to what is. Get curious! Ask and listen to what the world has to say!