At any given time of your project, we are ready to step in to support you with whatever is the most appropriate and effective way forward to your success. Call us and let us discuss how we could help!

Combining 2 Worlds

  • The construction industry is a male dominated left brain world, often with too much EGO. This can create issues from the start or along the way. We create the 2 Worlds:
  • Thorough technical and commercial analysis and due diligence at any stage of the project – managing data and facts effectively and efficiently to achieve the project goals.
  • Understanding group effectiveness and detecting potential dysfunctions. Creating a trusting environment, re-engaging people, creating positivity, managing conflict and accountability and leading to results.

One World – Intense and wide knowledge and know-how

  • We understand to manage project from A – Z, from conception through commissioning and complex handing over procedures.

The Other World– Intense and wide knowledge and know-how

Through our coaching and training facility, we have a wide spectrum to pinpoint the real issues and work on the route cause.

Our Construction expertise

We are generalists with a broad background from various areas:

  • Residential – refurbishments, VIP villas and residential towers
  • Commercial – Malls & Shopping centres, office blocks
  • Hotels – 4 and 5*plus
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Specialized products: exhibition centres, stables, museums etc.

Our Coaching & Training expertise

We bring soft-skills into the technical world:

  • Creating functional and effective teams
  • Lean & strength-based leadership
  • Conflict resolution & mediation
  • Vision, mission, goals
  • Time & cost management = Importance & Needs/Wants leadership

What matters most

  • Leadership of the teams
  • Mastery in the team’s specialists

Three Steps to achieve your project goals

1) I am the problem

Humility is good to start clearing self-deception and to clear the space

2) Doing what is right

Often, there is enough expertise in a project. Yet, not always available and transparently show-cased. We support to take the right decisions and to implement a “doing what is right” philosophy.

3) Creating change

Implementing the right processes, procedures AND behaviours, mind-sets and motivation to reach the project’s vision, mission and goals.

Your ultimate advantage

  • One partner you can trust
  • One person to talk to
  • One hand to shake