Frank Landsiedel

For over 20 years, I have worked as Sr Project Manager and Director of Construction in building engineering and project management at some of the biggest construction sites in Germany and the UAE. I know tough business and I know people!

My What

For the last years, I have helped good people to become excellent at what they do and how they live, to become masters of their lives – and not slaves. As leaders of their families and organizations and communities I help them to become the architects of their own future, beauty and magic!

I will literally bring movement into your life, your team, your organization.

My How

I can see in people what others don’t see and may not dare to say. I am a scanner / BS detector and I call my Clients forth. I make them mentally, emotionally and physically fitter than ever before. They will learn to get into their most resourceful state!

Together, we develop their signature strengths, design a strategy, and draw a success blue print, their vision.

Then, I hold them accountable to stay on track with the journey towards their goals, their mastery, leadership and greatness.

My Why

“Wake up and grow, claim your life!”

I want my Clients to do what they love – and to be their best SELF!

I hold my Clients accountable, and I am in love with them; I can be intense and daring but make them laugh when it gets too tough!

I lead and guide you through experiences that will stick on you for the rest of your life bringing out the best of you.

Frank Landsiedel

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