Goodbye EGO! Hallo to what is (full stop – no judgement!)

Is it bad out there? For sure, it is!

Is it good out there? For sure, it is!

So, what is it? Good or bad? It always is what we focus on.

The Taoist say: Who knows if it is good or bad?

The EGO always judges. Our Egos always want to have a say. When we judge, we know our Egos have taken over.

What happened if we don’t judge? If we said Good-bye to our egos, at least for a moment.

Curiosity is a good mean to overcome judgement, to step out of the Ego.  See what happens, what we might learn when we accept, when we surrender to what is, when we get curious!

Today’s challenge: Accept, surrender to what is. Get curious! Ask and listen to what the world has to say!

Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi – Book Review

My favourite quote

“When you don’t have others’ interests at heart, people will find out sooner rather than later.”

Key idea of the book

As the longest Harvard study revealed, happiness is all about quality relationships. Give more than you get. Giving is happiness in action. Offering our “assets & strengths” to make others more successful – this is the idea of a network. We usually are as good as the average of the people we spend most time with. If they become more successful, it should rub off on us as, too.

  • Get better at connecting, be more vulnerable and authentic!
  • Offer more, become more interesting!

My short cut summary to the book

A network

Today, we all are free agents! We will not be deployed by someone for a life-time. The world changes so quickly, we may be successful with our product or service today, but not tomorrow. To stay in tune with the world, we need to stay connected. Our world is interdependent. “People do business with people they trust, find valuable and can work with others – not against them.”

Success = people you meet + what you create together

Embracing the idea of abundancy, there is enough of everything for everyone.

Learn more, teach more, teaching is giving, giving is happiness!

Meet & connect & build

Be open to meet people, meet them on a deeper level, connect with them, understand and be curious about what makes them tick: their passions, needs, interests.
Chemistry is chemistry – you may need this with your partner. Relationships are based on trust, trust is being built, so stay in touch and follow up.

Be …

… vulnerable, vulnerability is the bonding glue! “Take the risk to reveal your true self”

… yourself, check your body language, people notice consciously or unconsciously when what we say is not aligned with our body language. Become more authentic!

… interesting. Think about what value you can offer in a conversation, be intentional in your encounters  and build your brand.

Your brand is what people say about you when you are absent!

Trust = generosity + vulnerability + accountability + candor

Inspiring ideas & wisdom:

FIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE’S DRIVER IS! It usually comes down to:

  • finding love often manifested in their kids
  • making money to feel wealthy
  • being healthy,
  • changing the world.


Network diversity boosts collective intelligence. Diversity is more important than individual brainpower when it comes to collective intelligence.


When Peter Drucker was asked for one thing that would make a person better in business, he responded, “Learn to play the violin.” Different experience give rise to different tools.

My favorite quotes from Keith Ferrazzi:

“The fact is no one gets ahead in this world without a lot of help.”

“Business is the ability to move a group of individuals to move an idea from concept to reality.”

“Selling is, reduced to its essence, solving another person’s problem.”

My top 3 take-away’s:

  • Stop keeping score of giving and receiving!
  • BE OUT THERE – feel the fear and do it anyway. The worst anyone can say is NO.
  • What you focus on is what you see, and this is or is not what you act upon.

My top 3 changes in my life:

I created a group of men that hold me accountable for my action. It’s my board of advisors.
I actively build friendships and a network and focus to give more than I receive.
I have become more vulnerable, I am a human being with emotions – my energy for change, my driver to my vision.

Key questions & actions:

Make a list of all the people you know and make sure this list grows.
What are you truly passionate about. Share your passion but don’t preach it!
Your sales pitch: what makes you you? what makes you interesting? If you don’t like it – CHANGE IT!

Quoted Wisdom

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” – William James

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