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Creating positive organizations & communities. Growth is natural and innate process. Growth is manifested in change. We need to surrender rather than to resist this process!

I love people to do what they do best and get what they deserve, it is my life purpose, why I am here on this world!

We promise to be standing beside you – with our heart & compassion, and to be pulling you towards highest standards – with our boldest boldness.

– Frank Landsiedel

“Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Baldness, too! – Frankie

Leadership Excellence

“Leadership Excellence is when we use our continuously improving signature strengths to make effectively a positive difference to our organizations & communities.”

If you are chairman, director, manager, partner, parent, friend or alone, you are always a leader.

Good leaders are good role models, excellent leaders are excellent role models. Excellent leaders are authentic, keep developing their signature strengths and skills to create a positive impact.

We develop your signature strengths and make skilfulness an art. This will make you more impactful and visible than ever before inspiring positivity & excellence for the next generation of leaders.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
– Vince Lombardi

Become A Master Of Your Life

Mastery is when we continuously drive to be our best – most resourceful & effective – self.

If you are not master of your life you are the servant of your life. We teach you on the tools of Life Mastery and train you to become more resourceful & effective every day!

We will make you mentally, emotionally and physically fitter and more flexible than ever before.

“As long as we live we have to learn how to live”Seneca

Wholeness Approach

If we are not the master of our lives, we are the servant. Whenever we are lacking or missing out on something, when we have the feeling of not being complete and whole we escape into addictive and unhealthy behaviours. We are more prone to distractions, numbing, overeating and other compulsive behaviours.

Understanding how our thinking, feeling, behaviour and our beliefs influence one another and create inner joy and true enthusiasm.

Spirituality is not religion. Spirituality is creating awareness, meditating, experiencing and practising from our higher self. Synergy and interdependent teamwork of Ying and Yang, the responsible adult and the loved inner child, the male and female energy, the left and the right brain are creating wholeness, our higher self. Great things can only happen when we act from our higher self and not from our EGO. This is the foundation for becoming a truly resourceful leader.


The heart in French: La Coeur – stands for courage. Courage and managerial courage are always required to take necessary risks and to face our fears to feel alive. Life is risky. Life is learning. Life is failing. Then life can be fun.

Emotions are steering our lives and our agendas.

Learning about our emotions helps us to manage our stress levels, dealing with our fears, anxiety and depression.

Knowing our triggers help us to become more pro-active and not reactive. We understand our response-ability and can become more intentional and more influential.

Understanding Love and knowing our passions, becoming more skilful to express love (as a verb and not as a feeling) are just some ways to not only more happiness but to true leadership.


Our brain creates thousands of thoughts every day: positive and negative thoughts, worries and fears. But we are not our thoughts. We can set our mind! Where our focus goes energy flows. Our mind-set can help us to break unhealthy cycles, create habits to automate healthy routines into our life. Routines that don’t consume energy. Here we can create resilience, install more helpful beliefs and commit to change.

Keep a Journal, keep reading, keep learning, keep growing!


Energy and its manifestations is our body; that is basically who we are. To feel alive, to feel our energy, to be resourceful, to perform on excellence level, we need to take care of and nurture our bodies.

Health is a lot more than not being sick!

We need to create the right environment for us.

We need to rest & sleep.

We need to supply our bodies and our brains with the best nutrition and best food.

We need to become more disciplined, exercise regularly and create other healthy behaviours.

Leadership & Management Tools & concepts

This is the foundation of management and leadership to assure our continuous success. To fight our battles and to achieve our results, our toolbox provides and trains the means to manage:

· time, cost, budgets, contracts, expectations, adversity, conflict, KPI’s, processes, and to

· organize, plan, present, negotiate, communicate, delegate better and trust more.

We need to constantly finetune our tools and remain agile to compete in today’s world. Understand the big picture and the details, understand drivers and motivations behind the scenes, learn to deal with harsh feedback and personal critic. We must become strategic thinkers and moreover, we need to create a healthy Work-Life Balance.

Leadership Skills

The next level of success are our leadership skills! We need to make skilfulness an art – our skills to be, our skills to do, our skills to influence and inspire others.

As leaders, our job is to create a positive impact and to create the desired visibility. Positivity is the trigger to a high-performance mentality & culture.

In today’s fast changing world, we need to commit to life-long learning and create effective and positive behavioural change.

Good leaders are good coaches: listening, understanding, building rapport, motivating, storytelling, understanding power, feedback and feedforward loops, … .

Authentic Strength Leadership

When we are becoming our true selves, we are in our prime energy, we are powerful and energized. We then become the role models for integrity and an impeccable attitude. This is the place from where we can start to influence.

Acting and governed by our purpose, personal vision and mission, we are more intrinsically self-motivated and ambitious, becoming constantly more effective. We stay inspired to be inspiring.

Leadership is all about relationship. Leadership is a contact sport – up, down and sideways! We connect. We ensure to develop people, engage & empower them; this leads to more creativity and innovation.

Leaders are multipliers and create the next generation of leaders. They are leaving a legacy.

Team Culture

Positivity creates high-performance teams create success.

They work and play, act on purpose and on a corporate shared vision & mission. They are creating consciously and intentionally partnerships and networks. They invite global thinking and diversity & cultural intelligence. They steer through conflict, they create, guide and lead through and to change and growth.

Skilful behaviour, abundance mind-set, agility and trust lead to a highly functional team, more creativity and innovation to ensure true Win-Win for them, the organization and the world.

A Coaching culture creates internal coaches and they create great leaders in all teams.

“I’m the super busy do-it all business woman / mother / social type. Strong, defensive, stressed, always running around. Frank taught me to step back and be more aware of the triggers that lead to emotions (from anger to fear etc..). Casual yet deep conversations that really woke me up on so many levels.”

AnonymousSenior Divisional Manager, UAE

“I have never run before, but Frank made me run 18km in a competition – for 45 years, nobody managed to get me there. And through this, I learnt a lot more than “just running”.

Anonymous Strategist marketing & sales, Switzerland



Become an excellent leader, partner, friend, parent.

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Experience your ideal energy and say goodbye to exhausting and depressing energy.

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